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Our Latest Industry Insights

The Power of Connection:

How Mentorship, Sponsorship, and Allyship Propel Career Growth

Explore the transformative power of mentorship, sponsorship, and allyship in career growth. Discover insights from the SAP SAPPHIRE and ASUG Annual Conference panel, featuring experts discussing how these relationships can propel your professional journey. Learn key strategies to build strong connections and navigate your career effectively.

Navigating the Future: Insights on Retail Trends from a CEO in the SAP® Sphere

Retail, like other industries, is experiencing greater technology and consumer-driven change than it has seen in its history. Adaptability is the key in this era. Retailers must leverage innovative technologies, seamless integration and empowered decision-making to meet the demands of the modern consumer. Embracing change, focusing on customer-adaptive solutions, and staying current on technological advancements are not just strategies; they are imperatives for success in the retail industry.

Revolutionizing Supply Chains: The Impact of Generative AI

Generative AI stands poised to revolutionize supply chains as we currently understand them. It promises to render supply chains more efficient, resilient, innovative, and customer-centric. Companies that embrace Generative AI, harnessing its potential benefits while addressing challenges related to data, integration, skills, and ethics, will undoubtedly gain a significant competitive edge over their counterparts.

Maximizing Promotional Success with SAP® Promotion Management for Retail

Step into the dynamic world of retail, where the pulse of customer demand beats louder than ever. In this competitive arena, mastering the art of effective promotion is the key to not just acquiring and retaining customers, but also to skyrocketing sales. Enter SAP® Promotion Management for Retail (PMR) – a game-changer that offers a comprehensive solution for planning, executing, and analyzing retail promotions with unparalleled efficiency.

The Power of Customer Experience (CX) in Business

Customer Experience (CX) isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the heartbeat of modern business. So, as you chart the course for your business’s future, dare to envision the bigger picture. By investing in CX, you’re not just transforming customer experiences; you’re catalyzing a holistic revolution that permeates every facet of your enterprise, driving growth, profitability, and enduring success.

News & Highlights

EverBlue Partners with Zoma

After an extensive search for a robust and accurate quoting solution to streamline our sales processes and support our company’s growth, we have chosen Zoma’s Scoping Intelligence platform.

EverBlue Partners with Tricentis

EverBlue Partners teams up with Tricentis to deliver automated testing for SAP implementations, enabling “Quality at Speed”!

EverBlue Partners with GK Software

EverBlue Partners and GK Software have partnered together through a shared vision to bring GK OmniPOS projects to life and revolutionize the customer experience with industry leading solutions and unparalleled implementation services.

Our Experts’ Perspective & Insights

Explore how Tricentis allows customers to accelerate their transition to SAP S/4HANA or the Intelligent Enterprise Suite through game-changing test automation. Tricentis brings no-code testing, reusable test beds and unparalleled scalability to your SAP software testing.

Starting the journey towards migration should not be synonymous with navigating through uncharted territories. The key to a successful migration experience is careful planning. Read what are experts are saying about cloud migration while they unveil the pros and cons.

Choosing the Right SAP® System Integrator Partner

Ready to upgrade your ERP system? Now is the crucial time to make the right choice in a SAP System integrator partner. Graham Larkan discusses what to look for when making your choice and how to avoid costly mistakes.

Unlocking Business Transformation – A Closer Look at Rise with SAP®

Discover how RISE with SAP® revolutionizes business transformation in the era of technology. Delve into the key components and benefits of SAP’s comprehensive approach, and learn how EverBlue actively supports organizations through this transformative journey. Contact us to explore if RISE with SAP is the right fit for your business evolution.

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